Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Evelyn Heck

On Sunday April 15th we went to a party for our friend Evelyn Heck, but her actual Birthday was today 4/18/2012. Here is Evelyn running on the playground.

Evelyn, her brother Devin another boy and Lindsay and Brooke enjoyed the tire swing!

Brooke trying to decide what she wants to do.

Evelyn's mommy who is expecting #3 is teaching the kid's the rules of a water relay race for party fun!

Lindsay & Brooke discuss "Bresnan Strategy".

All of the kid's chasing bubbles out of the bubble machine!

Running back on the first leg of the relay to tag their partner's.

Lindsay infatuated with a Caterpillar.

Brooke is VERY excited because she is the one who FOUND the caterpillar!!

Brooke holding her PRIZE elephant and her new pet that she wanted to take home!

Lindsay gives Evelyn our gift which was a DORA DVD!! (Evelyn's favorite)

Lindsay shows off her glow in the dark rose tatoo.

Brooke got a butterfly tatoo and a little sunburn!!

Mom got in on the tat action too. This reminded me of one of the Bon Jovi logos! Ha! Ha!

The birthday girl gets first shot at the pinata!

Now it's Brooke the Bruiser's turn!

Lindsay takes a good whack at it!

Brother Devin really wanted to break it since he plays baseball!

But here was all of the kid's hero!!

Woo Hoo! Candy explosion! You'd never guess that all of these children still had FULL Easter basket's at home!!! LOL!

More Bubble Chasing!!

Birthday girl gets an ADORABLE GREEN HAT!!

Evelyn takes her Dora doll off her birthday cookie.

Super Sweet!! YUMMY!

What a precious SWEET girl with her green iced lips!!

We hope you had a wonderful BIRTHDAY today Evelyn!

Thanks for the party invite!

See you soon!

Chris, Mike, Lindsay & Brooke Bresnan

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