Monday, April 16, 2012


Tonight we took Lindsay to get her ears pierced and it was because she has been telling us for days that she really wanted to get them done. She BEGGED us to take her on Sunday but, the mall was already closed. We told her we would take her on Monday after school if she still wanted to go. This is Brooke being the Sympathetic Sister. She was afraid we might try to pierce hers too!
We even let Lindsay bring Winter her dolphin in for comfort and moral support. As you can see, the idea of getting her ears pierced didn't sound good to her anymore. All of us tried to remind her how much she wanted new earrings for her birthday. She even picked out some lovely 14K gold dolphins that looked like they were leaping over a diamond (cubic Z of course!) My one rule in the house is NO BODY gets REAL DIAMOND earrings until MOMMY does!!

Daddy had Linds on his lap and it was just like anytime she is due for a shot. NOT PRETTY!!

Heree she is allowing the technician to put the little purple dots on her ear lobes, however that is as far as we got!!

The tech's name was Emily, she was AMAZINGLY patient, she was showing Lindsay how the gun would feel. She even stayed at work half an hour late for us, so that Lindsay could have both ears pierced at the same time. She ended up staying over an hour of her time with us.

Marking her ears still! Lindsay is not looking happy at all here!

Here is the other tech who was so nice to us, she even showed Lindsay the teddy bear on the counter and the teddy had two belly button piercings and we were like "Um, she's not getting a belly piercing as long as she lives with us!" LOL!!

I guess we'll deal with that one when the time comes and we'll have to pull up this blog and remind her of this day and why we tell her NO Ma'AM!!

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