Monday, December 5, 2011

Deck The Halls- Ellijay 12/4/2011

On Sunday 12-4-2011 we spent the afternoon up in Ellijay to help Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve decorate their tree. We had a nice visit with Aunt Claire (who is really Steve's Aunt Claire), but we all just call her Aunt Claire and she and I share the same birthdate 12-27. :)
Aunt Claire enjoys doing this each year and we enjoy participating, the girls love Aunt Claire.

Brooke and Lindsay have fun being able to pick out which ornaments they want to hang. Aunt Patti is very patient with them. Probably a bit more patient than Mommy is. If you notice in the early photos on this post the girls each got a Christmas tree necklace on a red string, Aunt Patti gave them these cute necklaces!

Brooke is very happy decorating and showing off her new necklace.

Lindsay trying to decide if she wants to hang or KEEP the MOUSE in the stocking ornament!! (J/K).

Cousin Donna just home from the hospital tries to decorate the back side of the tree.

Yes, Santa Claus, Lindsay hung the mouse!!!

Brooke watches Aunt Claire hangs an ornie in just the PERFECT Spot!

Uncle Steve holds Lindsay up to show off the ornament she just got to hang!!

Donna gives a smile despite that she wasn't feeling well.

Lindsay and Brooke got a special real tree for thier bedroom that they can decorate and eventually plant in the yard from Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve!! Thanks guys!!

The girls each got 4 ornaments for thier tree, they also each got one with thier name on it!!

Cousin Donna helps them decorate the tree.

I think they like it!!!

Brooke gets Aunt Claire to dance with her.

Can you tell they are having fun?

The Ringlets are a' bouncing!!

Aunt Claire gave each girl a Guardian Angel Necklace that she had Blessed by her Priest, they are so beautiful and Mike and I plan to let the girls wear them on Christmas Day with thier Church dresses.

Say "SANTA!!!"


Pretty Smile Lindsay!!!

Brooke and Lindsay help fix Hamsteak's for dinner.

The girls did an AWESOME JOB helping in the Kitchen!!

Chef Brooke Marie makes sure all of her Pineapple rings are centered!

Now Aunt Pat and Uncle Steve watch as she gets ready for the final touches of Rasins and MARASHINO CHERRIES!!!

Cousin Donna and Uncle Steve supervise Lindsay with her cooking prep.

Lindsay takes her kitchen time VERY Seriously!!


The TASTE-MASTER!!! No cherries can be eaten until they have passed the Brooke TEST!

Putting on the raisins...

Brooke has a beautiful smile as she knows her dish is MAGNIFIQUE!!!

Check out her gorgeous "GUARDIAN ANGEL" Necklace from Aunt Claire! We love you Aunt Claire, Thank you and it was so good to share some Christmas spirit with you this year!

Thanks again for another year of holiday tradition we love to kick off The Season decorating all together decorating your tree and sharing a family meal!

We missed you Michael, I hope you enjoy this blog and at the very least it makes you hungry!

See you soon!


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