Sunday, October 2, 2011

October 1st Medicare is Active!!!

It is not fun to be without medical insurance which I have been since end of November 2010!
Do not ever let this happen to you if you can help it. I am so glad that my Medicare is finally activated! Paying for prescription medications out of pocket and doc appointments out of pocket will break you financially. Especially, when two bread winner's of your household get sick at the same time. Fortunately, through much outside help from our families and Church Community we have survived the last three years! This coming June will be Lindsay's 6th birthday and Mike and I's tenth wedding anniversary. I will be so proud of us and happy when we make it to that milestone. Mike is actually going to get a quote this week for medical insurance for him and the girls' from my Humana representative. That makes me even happier now, if we can pull that off. I know that some people go on PeachCare if they have to. But, I would hate for Brooke and Lindsay to have to lose the pediatrician that they love and have had for both of their whole lives. Their pediatrician does not accept Peachcare. Hardly any around here do. It's ridiculous. Not only that but the health department won't see you for well-child checks and I think they will turn you away to the ER for sick kid's too. I would hate to be in that boat with one of my girls. Anyway, say a prayer that the Humana prices meet our financial criteria and we can pull it off.

Thanks to everyone who has always understood and helped out where needed!

We love you all!

The Bresnan Family

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