Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10/23/2011 Camping Day 2

Lindsay and Brooke looking at Grandma instead of Mom.
Lindsay, Brooke, Grandma and Grandad.

On a walk with Grandma and Grandad.

Lindsay poses with her winter hat in the woods!

Brookie is a cutie!

Hammin' for the Cam!

Lindsay looks like she is ready for a nap, but would NEVER admit it.

Brooke plays with some pine needles that we eventually used to sweep the leaves out of our camper.

This would have been an awesome photo if Brooke would have should us her dimple grin.

Brooke has NO FEAR she feeds the goat corn straight from her hand. No way would Lindsay do that!

Eww, he licked me!!!

The BIG DADDY begging for some food!

Lindsay helping Dad take down the pop up!

Little Miss Vanna showing off her work.


More playing in the Maze!

Lindsay trying not to choke Brooke.

Having fun with all the Gourds!

Lindsay kissing Brooke, they actually got on this past weekend like they love each other!

Mommy's favorite photo from the trip!! ( I might just include it on our Christmas card this year!)

The pumpkin farm had so many cute places to take photos!

Aww..sweet girl!!

Waving Goodbye to Grandma and Grandad!!

I thought the spider was really cool!

Brooke was not to sure about holding his leg.

Lindsay poses with mommy and gives her Vanna look again.

We really had a good time, especially the second day. Mike cooked breakfast on our camp stove for everyone, eggs and sausage. We enjoyed just hanging out visiting and roasting some more marshmallows after breakfast. Then we had lunch with Mike's folks and packed up, took a walk back to see the goats and pigs and then we did our photography session before we headed home for a steak-n-shake dinner. Unfortunately, Lindsay and I are both sick. Lindsay missed her first day of school today. (so much for perfect attendance this semester:( )
We all decided that we would definitely camp at this location again, anytime.

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