Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Indepedence Day July 5, 2011

We had to do rain-out fireworks in Woodstock so the kids would get to do a REAL July 4th just one day late. Here is Brooke sitting in her little chair next to Lindsay's new back pack for Kindergarten we had books to read in case more rain banned us to our cars.
This is Jonathan our neighbor from down the street with some morning glories.

Brooke off in the distance with her own Morning Glories.

Brookie did great with the sparklers and Morning Glories, she was not afraid at all. Lindsay was last year. Of course we all KNOW that Brooke is FEARLESS!!

Happy 4th Brooke your birthday is only 6 days away!!

Mike shoots off some Ground Bloom Flowers (these were really cool!)

We had to be very mindful of the blankets.

The following are all of my favorite firework photos!!

Grand Finale!! Woodstock did a great job!!

A tired Brooke on Aunt Agatha's lap.

Brooke does her Lady Liberty imatation!

Lindsay lights her extra Morning Glory!!

Very Cool shot of Brooke!!

Lindsay with some regular sparklers.

Gotta love Lindsay's expressive attitude and check out that hip! LOL!

Happy Early Birthday "LADY LIBERTY"!! Mom and Dad love that smile!!

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