Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brooke Marie Bresnan's 3rd Birthday Party!!

Sunday July 10, 2011 we celebrated Brooke's birthday: one day early.
Mommy with her Birthday Girl!!

Mommy's friend Matt, who used to be Mommy's fitness trainer almost 5 years ago with his adorable daughter Madison.

Our nephew Adam is a seriously good Hoola-hooper!

He could Hoola hoop better than anyone else at the party!

Lindsay tried to hoola hoop, but she was no match to Adam!!

A close up of the cake.

Brooke loves Sleeping Beauty that is why we went with the Princess theme.

It's almost CAKE TIME!!

Cousin Derek, Brooke and Lindsay.

What a pretty smile, Brooke!

Now we have added in Brooke's friend Madison, who is 2, next to Brooke.

Rylann Smith and Graison Smith are waiting for their chance to get at some icing!

Daddy asked the question who wants cake? Notice Rylann who is also 2 is holding up BOTH hands!

Brooke waits patiently while everyone sings "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"!

Brooke blows out her candles.

The girls' all enjoying their cake, Madison is REALLY enjoying her icing!

Derek, Madison, Brookie & Lindsay.

Classic Brooke, we think she breathes through her TONGUE!

Rylann, Brooke & Graison find a Caterpillar to explore!

Too bad we didn't know at the time that Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve gave Brooke a Butterfly habitat, otherwise we would have taken this guy home.

Brooke, myself, Matt and his cutie Madison.

Brooke starts opening presents!! A Pre-K readiness book and a Princess hair brush from Daddy and Mommy.

Graison helps Brooke open her presents from the Smith girls'.

Brooke looking at a book from Aunt Agatha & Uncle Paul.

Brooke gets a huge Bubble Wand and bubble pack from Aunt Agatha and Uncle Paul.

What a pretty Birthday Girl!!

Derek teases Brooke about one of her cake toys.

Brooke gets a bit "grabby" with her gifts and her sister.

Brooke and Lindsay open a dual present a butterfly habitat, a bug collector, a lantern for their tent and Colored bubbles from Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve.

Brooke with her "PURPLE" colored bubbles!

What an awesome gift from Sweet Madison, a Cinderella with a pony to ride.

Brooke gets a great big purple ball from Derek, Adam, Aunt Helen and Uncle David!

Brooke is very proud of her great big ball!!

Brooke sits on her new bike for the very first time!! THIS was Daddy and Mommy's Surprise gift to Brooke!!

Brooke will need some practice at home with dad to get used to her new bike, Lindsay got her first bike this year too.

Brooke seems very proud of her new bike!! Especially, since big sister just got one too!!

Brooke loves to honk her horn!! The neighbor's are going to love us, between Lindsay's bell and Brooke's horn they will certainly know when the Bresnan girls' are outside playing.


Daddy helping Brooke get the hang of pedaling forward.

Graison honking the horn on Brooke's bike and Rylann obviously does not like it.

OOPS! Someone tossed the ball into the cake!!

Madison says Bye, Bye to Brooke and Lindsay!!

I think we figured out that when Madison turns 3, she is going to want a bike too Matt and Mary-Kay!

Madison taking a picture of Lindsay, taking a picture of Madison!!

Thank you so much everyone who could attend the party. We really enjoyed the day and the company. Brooke had an extremley happy birthday!


Chris, Mike, Lindsay and THE BIRTHDAY GIRL BROOKE!!!

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