Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Morning 4/24/2011

Lindsay's Basket.
Brooke's Basket.

Lindsay's basket again...pre-Easter morning.

Again Brooke's basket the night before.

Lindsay excited over her miniature gum ball machine that Brooke got the day before.

Cute Dora Pj's!

Brooke loved her light up squeezey ducky!

Lindsay loved her Glitter glue.

Brooke very happy with her purple peeps!

Funny Face Lindsay over a yellow egg with reeces peanut butter candies inside.

Brooke holding her gumball machine so Linds can't get it. She also got Tinkerbell Pez.

A happy Brookie!

The girls really liked their loot, though it isn't all about the candy. Hopefully, we will be able to teach them it's really all about --Christ has Risen!

We hope that you all had a Happy and Blessed Easter. We sure did!


Brooke & Lindsay

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