Sunday, February 13, 2011


Yesterday I weighed in and I lost 3.8 pounds! I needed 4 to get to my first goal. I am officially down 13.5 pounds! All I need to do is lose .5 lbs to get my 5% award! I worked so hard in the gym last week. I intend to do the same this week and I WILL MAKE MY GOAL! I am so happy with the success I have had so far being back on weight watchers. I can't wait to see where I am at by summer! I believe this is the first year I will finally be happy with my body size when summer comes. Lindsay and Mike are being so supportive of me they help me with my shopping, and remind me when I am about to make a food mistake. My personal goal is to finally get strong enough to be able to run again. Maybe all this work in the gym will finally help me gain mind control over my left leg! Lord willing it will happen by the end of 2011. Lindsay loves to stretch out with me and likes when I teach her calf raises and she has also had fun trying to get me to jump and get both feet off the ground. I have two beautiful and supportive daughters what more could anyone ask for?!

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Jennifer Larson said...

Keep up the good work, Chris!