Friday, February 4, 2011

Community Helper Day 2/4/2011

Lindsay dressed and ready for school.
She was in such a good mood, mostly because mommy was going to drop off too. It was a special day at school today.

Lindsay ready to listen to somebody's heart. She is such a great little doctor. We would have had a great drop off, but the teacher's helper was at the door saying it was a rain drop off day, however all the other kids were going into their classes like normal and the helper started pulling Lindsay from me. Lindsay totally expected Mom to come in and sign her in as usual, and she started crying, and pulling away from the teacher. Mike said the last few times it was raining they did not use that procedure. We all expected to go into the classroom and mom was going to take some photos of some of Lindsay's friends. Unfortunately, it did not work out that way. So Lindsay ended up having a bad drop off. We have already told her she will get a prize for one month of good drop off's and she has been doing great! So we are planning on telling her that today was not her fault and will not count against her record. That should make for a happy Friday afternoon for her! So Mike and Brooke and I are having breakfast and then we are going to the gym so I can get my walk in. Have a great Friday everyone!

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