Monday, January 10, 2011

SNOW DAY 1/10/2011!!!

Brooke hip deep in the snow on 1/10/2011.
Lindsay is loving a no school day, and now they have already cancelled it for tomorrow too!

Megan watching Lindsay form a snowball to launch.

Uncle Paul comes over and puts Brooke on the sled.

Lindsay and Brooke ride the sled together.

Brooke slides down our neighbors driveway.

Lindsay goes next.

Uncle Paul gives Linds a little help with her sled.

Megan & Brooke wave to the camera!
Megan & Brooke all bundled up!

Brooke chewing on some snow!

No wonder she didn't want any lunch!!

Brooke loves to eat her some snow and ice.

Lindsay in Daddy's hat licking that nose.

Lindsay getting snow off Megan's car.

More snow for snowballs.
Love that Lindsay face! Look at those rosie Cheeks!

Brooke with a GIANT snowball!

Lindsay with her snowball challenge.

Lindsay pretends she is a reindeer pulling Brooke.

Uncle Paul and Lindsay pull Brooke.

Brooke dragging along...

Our neighbors, this is Jonathan riding a pool float.

Here is Hailey on the dolphin pool float.

Paul with bundled up Brooke.

MY GOODNESS I hope daddy did not let her eat that one!!!

The Bresnan Winter Wonderland!

My Honda is covered!!

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