Friday, November 12, 2010

Veteran's Day/Ducks

Yesterday we went to the River front restaurant and had dinner with Aunt KK and her mom who is in town from Louisianna for a visit, but first we took the girls' out back to let them feed the ducks, which they LOVE to do!
Sometimes the ducks and geese get a little greedy and we have to do it sitting from the back of the car. But last night there were not that many and they were pretty tame.

Brooke has her own crew of babies that she is feeding by the curb.

The ducks are feeding off everything the girls already threw.

Lindsaay is trying to get brave enough to feed some by hand.

Mommy gets to do it here.

Lindsay just throws all the last of her bread.

Cutie Pie's

Time for us to go eat. The sun is going down.
Night, night duckies. We are out of bread!

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