Friday, November 26, 2010

The Lighting Of The Macy's Tree

Due to unfortunate circumstances of sickness we could not attend our regular holiday Thanksgiving, so we made the best of it and attended the Lennox annual Macy's great Tree lighting something that we have never done before. We had fun!
Brooke hanging out in her camp chair.

Daddy brought the chex mix!

The girls each have their own bowls and Brooke was nice enough to share with Mommy.

Here is the GREAT Macy's tree unlit.

Lindsay making her fashion statement in pearls.

Brooke is dancing with her baby.

Brooke watching the show from Daddy's lap!

Brooke standing up on daddy so she can see Pricilla the Pink pig who was walking around and waving. Brooke called her "cilla" because she could not say "PRICILLA"

Lindsay in her new Christmas sweatshirt.

What a Lindsay face!

Clapping for one of the performers.

Daddy takes a "self-portrait" shot of him and Brookie, I SO remember when that sweater fit my Lindsay!

The beautiful Katharine McPhee singing a song from her new Christmas album, that I am now dying to own.

This is how close we were to her!

Here she is singing O' HOLY NIGHT and that is the song that she lit the tree with the high note at the end.

Here is Chuck Wicks who did a pretty good job with Jingle Bell Rock.

We had Katharine right on our side every time she sang.

Here is The Macy's all Star Choir singing Carol of the Bells and they were phenominal!

Here is Bobby V. singing Santa Claus is coming to Town.

Here is SANTA on the stage with all of the dancers. The crowd and girls went WILD when Santa came out!

WAHOO! Merry Christmas! The tree is lit and the fireworks were incredible!!

Brooke did not like the fireworks one bit!

The whole thing was so beautiful. I really enjoyed the fireworks and so did Lindsay!

My big girl Lindsay is feeling SO much better now!

The girls' really wanted to get their photo with Pricilla the Pink Pig.

Mommy and her girls!! :O)

Me trying to live out my MACY's dream vicariously through this balloon!

The girls' and I with Priscilla the pig. We are going to try to find time to take them to ride Priscilla one day soon. Which is an Atlanta past time that all children do apparently. I did not grow up here so it's new to me. My husband has told me he rode the pink pig many times as a child.
Here she is all by herself. We took this photo for our friends at JD's BBQ

One last photo of the Macy's tree!
After we did the potty thing and took all the photos we went back to the van and we had a little fun with some of our left over fireworks from July 4th, but we only let the girls do the snap pops instead of the sparklers so we would not get in trouble.

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