Sunday, October 10, 2010

Whirlwind Day of Pumpkins and Apples & Friends

On October 10th the Smith family and the Bresnan's had a long day of fun!
Graison & Lindsay had a great time together all day!

First we went to The Kinsey Family Farm in Gainesville.
There were tons of pumpkins and gourds to buy for decorations for the Fall.

Here is Daddy Anthony with his baby Rylann.

Myself, Lindsay & Brooke

Missy's dad and mom came along for the day. Here we were on the hayride.

Rylann, Anthony, and Caylin with her fish food for the giant catfish in the lake. It was cool that the tractor stopped long enough for everyone to get off, feed the fish and enjoy the garden.

Graison & Lindsay side by side on the hay ride.

Missy and Brooke pose for a photo in the sun.

The lake scenery was so pretty.

Here you can see how giant the Catfish are.

They were actually jumping out of the water for food!

Lindsay and Brooke were feeding the fish here. It is something they always love to do at Aunt Patti's and Uncle Steve's house.

Brooke waiting to get more fish food.

Lindsay and Brooke playing in the flowers.

The name of these flowers had mom and dad laughing. It was SO fitting for our girls on some days anyway!

LOL! LOVE the name!!

This was a gorgeous one I thought.

Here is the name of the above flower.

Daddy and the girls on the hayride after we fed the fish and played in the garden.

Lindsay and Graison find a wagon to sit in.

Linds, Brooke, and Graison posing nicely for a pic.

Graison enjoys her beads from Chef and the Fatman.

Kevin from Chef and the Fat man gets a photo with Caylin and Graison while on a break from his show.

Brooke gets herself a wagon to pull.

Brooke has a PB&J while sitting on the pumpkins.
Time to feed the goats. Mike was helping Rylann feed the goats corn.

Lindsay and Graison fed the goats til they would not eat anymore.

Lindsay picks her baby pumpkin out.

Brooke looking for her pick.

We let each girl bring home a tiny pumpkin to have to decorate.

Graison feeding peanuts to the goats.

Karen takes a break from her duties of monitoring Chef and the Fat Man, and Brooke hangs out with her.
Then Karen gets attacked by all the kids. Linds lays on her back and Graison and Caylin have fun posing for the photo, while Brooke falls down into the front.

Graison and Lindsay pull Brooke in the wagon.

The farm had Apple Cannons to shoot at targets out in the field. Here is Anthony helping Graison take aim. She did really well. She actually hit one of the smaller, harder targets to hit!
Here is Mike helping Lindsay take aim. But Brooke thought they were too loud and she did not want to try.

Lindsay with her headphones.
I take my try and managed to miss all the targets and send mine flying out in to the field and it hit a metal fence and became apple sauce!!!!
Brooke and Rylann rode in the wagon when they got tired.
Now we head over to Ellijay to go to R & A Orchards to pick our own apples. Mike and I saw this sign on the way and we HAD to take a photo of it so we can send it in to Leno or something.
Here is Lindsay picking her Golden Delicious apples.
Daddy helps get some more of the Golden delicious, then we went inside to buy some Fuji's for us and our neighbor and we got some fried pies to bring home. Long day but it was a blast! We decided that we will get our one big family pumpkin closer to Halloween at Publix because they are only 5.99 there. Thanks to Chef and the Fat Man for all the samples and to the Smith's for coming out with us and having an enjoying day with all the kids!

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