Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Uncle Steve's Birthday Party

9/4/10 Today we went to celebrate Uncle Steve's birthday which was 9/2
Brooke and Lindsay give each other "Eskimo kisses"

Hanging out on top of the counter watching Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve organize dinner.

Jeff takes Lindsay down stairs to the grill.

Brooke in her own little world.

Donna having a blast taking pictures of the girls.
I think if you look really closely you can actually see Brooke's Tonsils in this photo!

Cutie Pie!

Steve and Jeff's mom talking about the giant rack of ribs he has on the grill.

Brooke and Vicki's pup Candler.

Candler gets lots of lovin' from both Brooke and Lindsay!

Brooke in her lil' red chair watching the guys downstairs.
Eating lunch! YUMMY!

On the bridge feeding the trout!

Donna has the girls playing in the creek

Brooke has no fear swinging out over the water!

Donna's friend and hairdresser Vicki with Jeff's cousin Derek in town from St. Pete
Vicki stikes a pose!

Brooke wanted to swim so much! It took everything to keep her clothes on!!

All the gal's pose for a photo!

Mike found a butterfly that actually let him hold it.

But neither girl would touch or hold it!

Back from the walk and now we're having fun washing Aunt Patti's car!

Brooke loved this... did Lindsay!

Linds lets Vicki give her a TRIM.

Lindsay will ONLY let a GIRL cut her hair!!

All done.

Now it's Brookie's turn...this is her FIRST haircut EVER!

Mom warned Vicki not to take my baby's curls!

ALL DONE...and I even managed to save some of Brooke's hair for her scrapbook!

Gotta love that little pot belly:)

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