Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brooke after her eye doctor appt today

Here is Brooke in her old lady sunglasses since her eyes were dilated after her appointment at the Thomas Eye Group. She originally went in January 2009 when Aunt Agatha noticed that one pupil seemed bigger than the other. It was very minor at the time. The doc told us that is common in young children and just bring her back when she is 2 and they would check her out again. Today she was fine. Vision was great. They also want us to bring her back again in two more years for one last check. Perfect right before she enters pre-k to check her vision and make sure she does not need glasses of any kind. She was a real trooper today. It was a very long appointment, lots of waiting around. She passed out in the car as soon as we left. She didn't keep her glasses on. She did not like them. So we are trying to keep her inside mostly today and not have her out in the bright sun.

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