Thursday, July 1, 2010

A New Session of Swim Lessons

We signed up Lindsay ( at her request ) for another set of swim. This set will take her through the month of July and then we'll see what happens, since pre-K starts for her on August 2. Maybe we'll continue and put her in a Saturday class if she wants to. Tonight we went to the mall and I had a return to make to JC Penney and then we went to the Croc store and got Lindsay a Little Mermaid Jibbet for her shoes. She was THRILLED! Poor Brooke has grown out of her Crocs they are a size 4 and she wears a 7. She wanted the Cinderella jibbett but handled it okay that she didn't get one. New Crocs are 24.99 which is Crazy!! I am sure we can find some on consignment in our travels this Fall. We are planning to hit several sales!

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