Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Pics of Lindsay & Brooke's vacation to Charleston

Brooke just had fun eating her ice cream!
Lindsay shelling for mommy and Aunt KK.

Lindsay & Brooke drying off after the ocean.

My legs are longer than yours!

Sunglasses, eyes closed, paci in the mouth...How relaxed does she look!

Sleeping Beauties

Aunt Agatha with the girls.

My pretty girl!

Aunt Agatha with the girls!

Zoe and Brooke under the table.

Uncle Paul with the girls.

Rickey, Brooke and Aunt Agatha
Brooke runs in the fountain

Brookie and her bucket and shovel...what a cutie pie!

SO proud of Lindsay going down a big slide!!

oops, my 4 year old is looking a tad tentative.

Brooke is our fearless water girl!

Lindsay's ice cream face!

Rickey, Brooke, Agatha & Linds

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MBKimmy said...

How fun! Looks like they had a blast! The pictures are great!
I still haven't let Tatum and Bowden sleep together I am afraid she will try to "hold" him and smother him!