Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Derek learns to drive his grandpa's tracktor
The other grandkids enjoy the ride.

The girls and Adam having fun

Uncle David getting photos for his blog

Mike & Paul cooking dinner for the mom's

Brooke loves her Uncle Paul's lap

Derek has a loose tooth and his mom hooks some dental floss to the tooth so grandpa can pull the tooth.

Here is Derek cracking up and trying to get courage up to get the tooth pulled

Woo hoo here is the tooth!

Grandpa offered Derek 3.00 to let him pull it
After dessert the kids wanted to go for another ride + Daddy


Anonymous said...

Take that thing out of your ear daddy Bresnan! It's in all your pics! :)

Anonymous said...

Derek will truly be driving those girls around some day! Movies?!