Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Weekend Water Games

Mike and I took the girls to Ellijay today to spend some time with Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve.
As you can see Aunt Patti found a cool water toy for the girls to play with outside

Brooke excitedly runs away from the cold water!

Lindsay has a pretty good arm. She knocked the velcro balls off several times. Maybe we should have signed her up for softball instead of swimming!

Brooke takes her turn!

They had a blast in the water today.

Check out Lindsay's power swing!

Right about here the girls decide they want to help Uncle Steve wash Aunt Patti's car.

The girls help wash the car and this side gets REALLY clean. The boys (Jeff, Mike, and Steve) took care of the other side of the car.

Brooke really concentrating on her work... is Miss Little Mermaid!

Little Mermaid sings while she works.

Look at our littlest ones blue eyes!

Can you say squeegie?

Washing Uncle Steve's feet
More fun with the ball game!

I joked about the "child labor laws" with Aunt Patti, and she said there aren't any in the mountains!

Donna taking a picture of Mike, taking a picture of Donna.

Lindsay checking Brooke's bottom.
I think we need a bath at this point.

Lindsay finds a new way to wash her hair.

Tub time

Snack time!

miniature nutty buddy bars were a hit!

Brooke loves her chocolate flavor!

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