Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rylann Smith's 1st Birthday Party

Lindsay is SO ready to start the egg hunt that the Smith family was hosting for Rylann's birthday.

Sisters waiting for the little kid start...

...with Easter baskets in tow.

Brooke maybe had a little too much chocolate last week.

The mini egg hunters: Riley, Brooke, Lindsay & Graison
Uncle Paul with Brooke

Brooke gets busy finding eggs.

Take a look at Brooke starting out with an empty basket.

Here is what she got in the end.

Here is Graison working for her egg count!

Zoe goes for a green egg here.

Rylann with her Aunt Angela

Rylann again with Anthony's mom.
Girls had to take time out for a swing break!

Brooke takes advantage of some of her chocolate candy.

A photo here of Missy's yummy cake!

The other cake chocolate and buttercream...YUMMY!

...and here is Rylann with her own cake to enjoy as she wishes

Look at that smile!!!

Talk about YUMMY TOES!

Daddy takes Rylann off to the bath...

...but not without one last dip...

Brooke with Hadley, Kiri, and their grandfather Ricky.

Brooke meets Pooh Bear

Brooke says "Got your Nose!"
Rylann opens her gifts...

...and Big sister Graison "helps"

I Love this shot I got of G! What a sweet smile and pose!

Lindsay shows off her loot!!
All the little ones pose at the end of their hunt with their baskets full.
Try getting 5 girls to all look at 1 camera...IMPOSSIBLE!

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