Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day!!!

Brooke wanted to stroll this morning with Baby Elmo when it was 19 degrees!!!

Lindsay at first outside with no mittens. At first she really did NOT like it. Until she got to sled one time! See the unhappy look below!

Not having this daddy, I want to go INSIDE!

Brooke still strolling poor freezing Elmo!

What a great idea Dad had! Make a sled out of a Costco diaper box!

The newest Olympic Bob-sledding team!
I think they are having a BLAST!!!

Uncle Paul came over and brought an even FASTER sled!!!

Wahoo!!! Brooke is our NO FEAR girl!

Linds headed off in to the neigbor's yard!

Brooke didn't want to be in the front, obviously LOL!

Linds came down every time saying "again! again!"

Hold on tight! Now we have mittens!

Good form Uncle P!

Megan (out of school today) joined us to play!
Dad went down the big hill at the top of our cul-de-sac.

One of our Angels making an "ice-angel" as we called it, since there wasn't really a lot of snow!

She was dying to do this!!

Brooke & Uncle Paul speeding down the big hill!

Meagan & Lindsay catch some air on the big hill!

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Anonymous said...

Aunt Kimmie just got to see these and LOVES the snow pix! Miss you Lindsay and Brooke! :) XOXO