Monday, December 21, 2009

Our next stop Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve's

We were watching the Roquettes and the girls danced themselves silly.
Brooke figured out she could hold on to the ottoman and do a "roquette" kick like Lindsay and not fall down! We laughed so hard... it was SO funny!!!
Lindsay dancing away!
Check her moves!
She is into it! Maybe we can afford dance class next year for them??

Pretending to cook in the kitchen.

Aunt Patti made a chocolate cake for Mike's birthday which is today 12/21 with a Christmas tree and Lindsay's fave Frosty the snowman!

Their fave place in the kitchen up on the counter top!

Brooke LOVED the big whisk but needed a larger bowl!

cutie pie
We had a great birthday dinner for Mike and slept over and had fun!


Thank you Pat and Steve we all had a blast!

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