Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick Or Treat 2009

HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM THE BRESNAN CLAN!!!This year the girls were paying tribute to the Yellow Jackets!
Brooke did such a good job wearing her head band all night!

Our girls... aren't they cute?
Sisters are the BEST!
Brooke is so happy with her COOKIE and she can say it now also!

Adam eating his pizza incognito

Vampires come out to eat PIZZA too!

A pic of the halloween parade coming down the street!

Daddies girls'

Our bee's, grandpa, grandma, Derek and myself.

Linds & Mommy

The Bresnan Bee family

The aftermath...counting and trading treats!!

Linds traded all her blow pops with the boys and any candy she wasn't allowed to eat.

Brooke was looking to score lollipops that we don't normally let her eat.

Got her self some smarties!


Anonymous said...

Aunt Kimmie LOVES the Bresnan Bee Sisters! Happy Halloween Lindsay & Brooke!!!! :) We Miss You...

Anonymous said...

those girls are ADORABLE! love them!

you also look great, chris! :)

call me soon!

Tara said...

They look adorable. It looks like a fun Halloween!

Angela said...

Love the bee costumes! They are so adorable.