Thursday, September 3, 2009

Modesty? Already?

Lindsay actually told dad to go out of her room last night so she could change! My, my they grow up so fast. Yes, this is the man who wipes your a$$! So today we have a plumber here at the house and she stripped down to her pull-up and I told her she better get dressed b/c the plumber was downstairs and she got her nightie back on faster than i've ever seen her! Too much!

Even better she starts speaking in the car the other night about Adam & Eve, and Mike and I look at each other like where is she gonna go with this? So, she says "they were in the garden and told not to do something,but they did it anyway." " So they got a TIME OUT"( needless to say, we ROLLED laughing!)

Another one for ya. My BIL Steve who just turned 61 and recently had to go to the doc for an ear infection and got a shot in the rear and shared the story with Lindsay. Then asked her if she wanted to come with him next time? She tilted her head in Lindsay fashion and said "No,
I don't have any boo boo's and I'm NOT OLD"

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MBKimmy said...

OMG I could eat her up - that is too cute!