Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

mom rode a nostalgic ride from the old days
Remember this one?

Linds hit the swings

There wasn't much for Brooke to ride :(

We tried out the Cartersville fair on Saturday evening, this was Lindsay & Brooke's first ride

Lindsay made a "bear cave"

Where is she?

Here she is!


Anonymous said...

girl, you are too brave! i am terrified of rides! i wouldn't ride the "himalaya" if someone paid me $1,000,000...well, maybe for a million, but nothing less than that! ha! :)

glad you're doing me!

The Partins said...

So I TOTALLY fell off the Blog wagon and now I'm trying to catch up! Your girls are SOOO cute! You look GREAT and I hope everything is going VERY well for you all!!!