Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandmama

Grandmama's birthday cook out was almost a rain out.

Derek tries to pogo 76 times in a row!

Lindsay being as cute as she can be...

Happy Birthday!!!

No, it's not Halloween yet and I DO have permission to use this photo. Apparently my BIL David woke up with Bell's Paulsy a day or so ago. Hope you're doing better Dave!

No, Brooke did not grow a goatie. It's chocolate from Aunt Helens' awesome chocolate raspberry birthday cake. Helen I still have my order in for my birthday!(and you were right it was even better the next day!)

Derek & Brooke get some bonding time.

There's the usual crew around the candles!

Blowing out the candles!

oops, out of order...

Lins confirming who stinks!

It wasn't HER!!

Brooke on the move!

Grandad is always up for a good read!


The cute crooked smile (for you Dave)

Shhh...I am trying to work here!

Break Time!

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