Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thank you everyone!


I just wanted to say thanks for all the sweet comments. My surgery is not until 4 p.m. so if I get to come home tomorrow after the surgery it will be late but I promise to update the blog or have Mike do it by sometime early Tuesday. Most patients get to go home but since my surgery is late he said it will be up to me if I want to stay based on how I feel. As long as I'm not sick I'm planning on heading home. I've had quite enough hospital time racked up this year, thank you.

I'm planning on lounging and recovering on Tuesday. I will also be working on my list of questions for the neurosurgeon who I will finally meet (coherently) on Wednesday! I'm so curious what he's going to decide time line wise on my next surgery. I can't wait to have that one finally be done and overwith. I feel that it will finally put some closure on the whole aneurysm episode for me. I can finally grow back some hair and not have to wear the blue helmet in public anymore! Speaking of all of that today is two months to the day that it happened. I can't believe I'm two months out and I'm doing as well as I am. Everything I've read and been told does not add up to what I'm doing now in most other cases. I remind myself every day how lucky I was to survive at all, much less function in my normal every day activities.

Tonight we popped over to the inlaws to see Lindsay and had a nice visit. Some neighbors had a live band playing in their yard and they were celebrating a Baptism. We kind of crashed the party but were invited to participate in the eating and listening. Lindsay pigged out. I seriously can't believe how much she eats now! I of course am not eating much of anything so I was hating that part. I'm getting ready to eat my low fat, low sodium chicken noodle soup that has to hold me from midnight til whenever tomorrow. UGH. I hear that after surgery you still have to eat light and low fat for a bit otherwise you get to spend lots of time back in the bathroom but to have this nagging pain gone finally I won't care! This gall bladder business has caused a few more pounds of weight loss which I'm NOT bragging about because I don't want anything else to be wrong with me!! LOL! Enough is enough now. How many days til 2009???

I'm happy to get through this week and get to finally have an idea when we can have both girls home again for good! Lord knows how much Mike and I appreciate all of our family taking such wonderful care of the girls, but I can't wait to sit here and type that everyone is HOME and in bed in their own beds! I'm LIVING for that day right now. It's so hard to leave Lindsay each time even though she's doing so well. It's a true test for me getting through those moments.

Thanks again for all your comments and prayers. I promise a picture explosion soon as Brooke's Baptism is next Saturday morning! I'm off to eat and get ready for hopefully an uninterrupted pain free sleep!


The Smith Family said...

Good luck today!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck today. Hopefully everything will go great and you will be in your bed resting comfortably tonight.

MBKimmy said...

Good luck today I hope all goes well!