Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Splish, Splash Lindsay gives Brooke a Bath!

Lindsay was very into helping with Brooke's bath the other morning!
Lindsay enjoyed giving the scalp massage part of the shampoo! Can't you tell Brooke LOVES it!?!

Nothing like matching outfits for the girls!! They are both chillin' out to sesame street. It's SCARY how much Brooke already likes the tv screen!

Lindsay mugs "Cheese" for the camera! (Brooke is still watching tv!)

Lindsay's first Halloween 10/06 check her out in the Bumbo seat and then compare to the next two pics!

When you're two you apparently still fit but now use it to talk on mommy's cell phone!

I told her she wouldn't fit in it since her thighs grew out of it at 6 months old but apparently she still fits her adorable thighs in it now that she's a more slim two year old! Can you tell she enjoyed proving me wrong??


Anonymous said...

i could just eat those girls up! how stinkin' cute are they? OMG!

i CANNOT wait to meet them & YOU (& mike) next month!!!!!

i'm glad things are going well at home! :0) but, i hope you're getting some rest as well!

The Partins said...

You mean there is hope for Jamie's thighs!?!?! haha

Love the pics of the girls together. What a good big sis Linds is!

MBKimmy said...

love the pictures! Love them - you are in my prayers!

Kimmie Kay said...

Adorable! LOVE the matching outfits...miss you all lots! :)

Anonymous said...

Lindsay is such a good big sister. I am sure she is "to good" sometimes. Nothing like t omuch help!!!!

The Smith Family said...

Chris, you look so happy to have your girls home again! I'm so happy for you! They are adorable! I can't believe Brooke still has all of her hair. Ben was born with a head full and now he's bald! He had cradle cap pretty bad (we're still trying to get rid of the last bit) and his hair fall out.

Good luck with the girls and enjoy being a family of 4 again!

Hugs and prayers to you!

Katy S. said...

I love the post Chris. It is so nice to see how sweet Lindsay is with hre sister!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lindsay is great with Brooke! I'm so proud! Love, Donna