Sunday, October 12, 2008

Brooke's Baptism

On 10/11/08 at three months of age Brooke Marie celebrates her first sacrament! We had a great day on Saturday. I have a ton of pictures on this post but I had a hard time choosing so I hope you can feel like you were there after you scroll through them.

Cousin Donna playing with the chunky legs!

Aunt Patti and Lindsay are ready to go!

Grandmama dresses Brooke in the family Baptismal Gown.

Daddy putting Brooke in an even better mood before her big moment!
Brooke eyes her daddy with that cute almost grin he gives her everytime!

Lindsay & Graison are ready for the paparazzi chase down!
The new chapel at our church

Our God parents are Mike's Brother Paul and his wife Agatha. We asked them to take on this honor just a few days before we actually had to LET them do the job! Good thing they said YES!
Paul & Agatha with Grandma taking in the moment.
Agatha passing Brooke off to daddy as I had Lindsay attached to my hip!
Brooke was not happy to be laid back. She loves to be sitting up and she didn't like this view of the ceremony one bit.
She cried through the holy water part but she calmed down nicely for the rest of the ceremony.
Notice Lindsay taking the interactive role and helping Father Frank out. She also told him at the beginning of the Baptism "I already Baptized"...Ya think?!

Father had a prayer for mommy...
...and daddy
Here we are with Father Frank after my confirmation, a wedding and two Baptisms. I'd say we're done with the baptisms now. Hopefully he'll be able to do some first communions down the road for the girls.
Doodle bug Lindsay was attached to Aunt KK at this point and refused to pose for these pics.
Brooke says "Hey it's my day!"
Brooke hangs out with her Grandma and God Mother

We took a picture of everyone who has worn the Baptismal gown.
Lindsay with Aunt KK
Believe it or not this child did not get one spot of cake on her white dress!
Brooke's passed out on Aunt Patti after a long morning!
Steve, Donna & Michael- what a great shot!

The kids found entertainment
Lindsay feeding her nose to uncle steve!
Linds, Donna, Maggie and I! Thanks for taking pics with my camera Maggie!
Missy takes over as pillow for Brooke! Congrats to Missy officially on my blog. She is expecting baby number 2!
Brooke only one hour after we got home. She was wiped out! (Along with Daddy & Mommy)

Thanks so much to everyone who came out and helped us celebrate. I didn't even get shots of everyone who was there and I put up a ton of photos. We enjoyed celebrating such a special event with our families and close friends. It was a beautiful HAPPY day and the first of many more to come with two beautiful daughters! We are so Blessed!


Katy S. said...

It looks as if you had the best day. I am so happy this day finally came for you and the family!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the pics. It did make us feel like we were there. It's so great seeing you all together again. Hope it won't be too long until the girls are home full time.
We'll be thinking of you and praying for you on Tuesday. I know you are anxious to get that behind you.


Carol & Jeff

Anonymous said...

LOVE ALL THE PICTURES! i'm so glad you guys had such a good day.

what wonderful, godly examples you & mike are to lindsay & brooke. they are lucky to have you both.

on a side note: i think brooke looks just like mike now. isn't that funny? when she was born, i thought she was your mini-me. now, though, she's looking like her daddy! AND, SHE ADORABLE!!!!

Anonymous said...

i didn't proofread: "AND, SHE **IS** ADORABLE!".

also, you look great, chris!

oh, and, i will e-mail you back today...i didn't check my e-mail until 11pm last night & i was too tired to write back. :(

The Partins said...

Glad it was such a great day! Brooke looks so pretty in her gown. And so did Miss Linds...and way to go about not getting cake on her white dress! How did THAT happen?!?! I thought it was a law that when you wear white, you drop food on yourself.

MBKimmy said...

Love the photos -
glad that it was such a beautiful day!love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Yeah..the dress fit! You looked quite nice yourself! I can't believe Lindsay didn't get any cake on her dress! Wow!!!

Heather said...

Love all of the photos, especially the one of everyone who has worn the dress. I am so happy that the ceremony went well. Hopefully tomorrow will go great as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are great pictures. Brooke is such a beautiful little girl. And Lindsay's hair is getting so long too! You all look so good and happy.

Good luck tomorrow!

Tara said...

Those are great pictures. I'm glad everything went so well. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day! You have been truly blessed. I love that all of your family and friends were there to support you. That makes it even more special.
Good luck tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Really nice pictures and we are glad that everyone was together and enjoying the day. I hope all went well today, Tuesday and feeling just fine. It was nice seeing each and everyone and yes it made us think that we were there. Great Job!
love, Sam and Sandy

Kimmie Kay said...

I'm so glad you put up so many pictures cause you know how badly the girls and I wanted to be there! Everyone looked so beautiful, especially Miss Brooke! I agree, she looks like Daddy lots now. It was so nice to see you all together and happy and I pray there are many more days like that to you all!

The Smith Family said...

Beautiful pictures, everyone looks great! It looks like you all had a wonderful family day, which is what you needed!

Andrea said...

I had forgotten that y'all use a family baptismal gown-now I know why it was so important that Brooke fit in the dress!

You look so pretty in those pictures Chris-I really like your dress!

Anonymous said...

ehh. amazing thread )