Thursday, September 18, 2008


Here are just a couple of pics...above is my neighbor Megan (Known as "MY MEGAN" to Lindsay). Below is Carol who has been taking such good care of all of us while she's been here!
Things have been going right along over here in rehab land. Mike is doing well with his recovery. I got to go to his post op appointment with him yesterday and finally meet the surgeon who worked on him. As we were leaving I had my first little kid ask his mom loudly "WHY IS THAT LADY WEARING A HELMET MA?" It was funny. Mike and I were laughing as we walked out and saw the mom in the "SHHH..." crisis mode! I should have turned around and told him I was heading home on my skateboard and where was HIS helmet?

Mike is moving a little slower in the evenings but he's hanging in there. The night before last he over did it a bit with little Miss Brooke who was wanting to be rocked ALL evening. We're getting Brooke again tonight so we'll see how Daddy feels tomorrow. We're still sharing her with her Aunt and Uncle who have more than made room in their lives for my and Mike's recovery. Lindsay is still doing well at camp grandparents and going to her other Aunt and Uncles on the weekends. It feels at times like I'm never going to have everyone that is supposed to be under my roof back together but I'm refusing to let those thoughts invade me. Everyone is doing what they can to get well and live life and that's the focus.

My outpatient rehab is going well. The PT girl has been really working my legs. I can almost squat down and stand back up without holding onto something to support my weight. I've been doing wall squats, lunges and treadmill walking primarily. Occupational therapy has been working more with my upper body strength. Needless to say I come home from those classes wiped! I'm noticing changes in myself just since I've gotten home almost two weeks ago. I couldn't have picked anything up off the floor two weeks ago unless I did it with my toes (which I call the pregnant way and I was skilled!) Now, I can bend down and pick up shoes or socks off the floor without squatting as long as I keep my head up and my chin sort of pointing up. The purpose is not to let my head go below my heart to avoid a pressure or headache feeling. Things are definitely improving.

My hair is growing like crazy. It's so funny how coarse it feels and the top is really getting thick again. Mike even keeps telling me how much he likes the silver that is definitely visible. He tells me I should keep it and stop coloring it but I think he just knows how much I pay every six weeks to cover that silver up and is looking for a way to get me to not go back to that. LOL! My hairdresser has NEVER seen me with short hair (certainly not this short) and is so excited to try out every short hairstyle on me as it's growing back out. I'm thinking that will be sort of fun as long as I can eventually cover the gray again. Unfortunately, I can't do that until I have no scar/scab tissue left showing on my scalp. That will be a good while from now since we know I've got to have one more surgery to replace the skull flap eventually. (Which also means another partial shave...UGH) You all will be sick of my hair posts before this is all over I'm sure. Sorry. At least hair grows back, right?!
Ok, so this is getting long winded and I'm being told I need to take a break...gotta run!


MBKimmy said...

Love the pictures, i can't believe the hair that Brooke has that is amazing! Do you think she will lose any of it?!
Love the update and I really am so so proud of you! yOu are doing great! Hang in there and neither of you overdo it okay!

Anonymous said...

You guys are doing great. Hang in there!! We are still praying for you guys!

The Smith Family said...

Brooke is adorable! You have an amazing family that has taken excellent care of you, Mike and the girls. You are blessed!

I'd enjoying hearing about your different hair styles, etc. So, don't worry about over posting. Let us be your outlet! I think you look beautiful the way you are now,

You are kicking butt at rehab girl!!! Way to go!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the blog updates!!! I'm in an email funk right now which is why I haven't emailed back :) You guys are doing so great with your recovery! I'm glad you can see major progress..just imagine 2 weeks from now!

Melanie said...

Chris, you and Mike are doing so good. It sounds like you are making progress by leaps and bounds! And before you know it you and Mike will be well and healed and you will have your two little angels tucked underneath your wings again, right where they belong. And all of this while discovering every "cool mom" haircut that you might normally be too chicken to try!

Keep it up we are still praying for you!

The Gordon Family said...

I love getting your updates, it sounds like everyday is progress for you and Mike. I know all the hard work will pay off in the end. I am proud of you and praying for you all the time.

Kimmie Kay said...

Sounds like you and Mike are both doing great! Sorry I haven't been able to call much this week, crazy at work. Personally, I think you look beautiful with short hair (and it is easier to maintain) and I agree with Mike and like the silver showing too! Brooke is getting so big and prettier with every picture, I miss her and Linds so much (and their parents too). Call me this weekend when you have time. The girls and I are also continuing to keep you all in our daily prayers...