Friday, September 12, 2008


Hello all-

I've had lots of questions on the phone and via email about what all happened to me and what caused it. I just wanted to say that I've been told (because I asked as well) that the pregnancy had nothing to do with my having the aneurysm. As a matter of fact, the drug I got the week before in the hospital to release a ton of the fluid my body already had stored up probably was a major factor in helping to save my life.

I had a headache since that day in the hospital. It was getting increasingly worse behind my left eye on August 4th. I had Kim and her girls in town and kept dismissing calling a doc about it. I had already decided if it wasn't better by the next day I would get seen (my usual, a day late & a dollar short). I've looked up a little on the Internet about my condition sub arachnoid aneurysm but I've scared myself doing that. So much is old information and it's not a good idea (as I found out with infertility) to surf the web for medical issues without causing panic within yourself. I can tell you that I was just plain LUCKY in so many ways.

That night Mike and Brooke and I actually all decided to sleep in the Master bedroom. So many nights with all of the medical stuff going on Mike and I have slept separate. Had he been in the living room with Brooke in the swing he would not have known that I had the seizure in the first place. There's no telling what would have happened if we had been in separate places or if I had been home alone with the kids (if he was driving a charter). I truly believe Mike played a huge part in my being where I am now. I woke up or came to a bit and talked to him while he was calling. I had the worst headache of my life at that point and kept telling him that and not to let me die. I had no idea at that point things were as serious as they were. I remember the EMS asking me if I could walk down our stairs. They basically took me down one man on each side and put me on a stretcher at the door due to our split level entry and our baby gate. The last thing I remember was begging them to take me to Northside (b'cause I work there) and them telling me we had to go to Kennestone since it was closer. I was begging for pain meds which they also could not give me. I remember nothing about Kennestone. I keep asking my family questions about different times as I feel weird having no clue or only snipets from times at Emory. I had a CT at Kennestone that showed what was going on and at that point they decided to life flight me to Emory. Mike had to drive the car and meet me there which I don't think he was to thrilled over. He did tell me later when I was in rehab that the helicopter was really cool and he tried to take a photo of it with his phone. Then he realized he was being irrational and started driving out of the parking lot. LOL!
I remember someone talking about putting me on the copter and thinking "HELL NO" but apparently I'm told I pitched a fit in real life too not just in my head! I remember nothing after that until I woke up in ICU and Pat and Mike filled me in on what happened. All this in between nurses and docs asking me every 20 minutes "Where are you", "What happened to you", "Who's president" etc. etc. I was annoyed with this procedure as well and Mike will have to blog sometime about how I earned myself the nickname "MYRNA" with one of my nurses. I guess you could say I got a little "needy" and I was watching the clock (nothing better to do) and timing pain meds etc.

I traveled a lot during August too. Hallucinogenic drugs will do that for you, especially when all you have to watch is the Olympics! I went on speed boat rides and traveled to other countries and had nightmares about Chic Fil A which I still don't understand. I know there were days when I drove Pat and Mike up the wall. I freaked when I didn't see anyone (they would be sleeping in a room right next to mine) and I had no windows so I would think 3 a.m. would be 3 p.m. and I would wake them up to see who was with me or ask for ice swabs or something to drink when I wasn't allowed to have it. Sorry guys....Myrna loves you!

I can tell you all that everyone I encountered at Emory was incredible. The doc I had was the best person I could have had for what I needed. I've had questions about that too... This is the other man that saved my life! I wouldn't know him on the street since I remember nothing of that night but I will finally meet and thank him in October! I also want to ask him if I'll ever be able to ride a roller coaster again but I'm guessing I already know the answer to that! CRUD! That is one of my fave things to do but my PT at Emory told me I should ask anyway as you never know. Although I think it's probably a bit premature to ask that question when I haven't had my second surgery yet.

That's all I can think of for now. Please forgive this longwinded post and some of the grammar. I hope this helps answer what some of you asked about and describes that night a little from my standpoint. I really need to have Mike sit down and tell his story although I know you got a lot from the Care pages!
My only positive from the experience I'm enjoying now is that I completely lost all baby weight. Not the diet I would ever recommend but hey I'm in pre-Lindsay pants right now and I am LOVING that! I am trying to be careful since my exercise level isn't exactly where it used to be. I don't want to gain it all back in a month either! I joked the other day with my sis that another 3 weeks in ICU and I would have hit GOAL WEIGHT--she didn't find that as funny as me. But I gotta have something else besides the fact that I LIVED to harp on, don't ya'll think???


Katy S. said...

Thank you for telling the story with all of us. It is amazing how things happen. Bless you.

Kimmie Kay said...

I'm glad you put that out there in your words Chris! I bet it helped you as much as it helped everyone whose been asking! I can add that I do remember you telling me about the headache that you'd had but never would have known how bad it was as we were having so much fun catching up and shopping. When I got the call mid day the next day I remember thinking how could that have happened when I just saw you and you seemed fine and were happy.
I will agree with you too that everyone was great to you at Emory and that Mike, Pat, and Karen are my heroes!!! You sure were get lucky, but I know it was fr a reason. Love you!

Andrea said...

You are truly a miracle Chris! Praise God for your amazing recovery. Your girls are so blessed to have you as their mommy and Mike as their Daddy too.

Anonymous said...

thank god that you're alive & can tell your story! i am so thankful for you, chris & for your wonderful husband & beautiful daughters!

i cannot wait to meet you in person one day soon!

on a lighter husband would be so sad to hear you had nightmares about chick-fil-a. he LOVES that place! :0) LOL.

love you! (oh, i will try to call you this weekend...if you see a 501 area code, that's me!)

MBKimmy said...

Hey ~ wow what a story I could not imagine not "knowing" and not being able to remember ... that is SCARY! Thank you for sharing and I hope that you can start to heal emotionaly as well as physically.
Of course prayers are coming your way from me!
Lots of love and prayers!

The Gordon Family said...

Thank you for sharing your incredible story with all of us. God is so amazing and was truly looking out for you that night. I can't begin to imagine what all you are feeling and how much healing you have to do, emotionally and physically. Know how many are praying for you and how many people care.

Tara said...

Hey, I've been catching up on the posts. I cried at the pics of Lindsay and you (along with the story). I'm so glad you are home, recovering, and things are working their way back to normal.

Melanie said...

You are a walking miracle Chris! It was so good to see pics of you and Mike at home together again. Praise God that things are looking up for the both of you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kris,

I heard about some of this through Christy & she gave me a link to here. Holy Cow!! You guys have been through some stuff! I'm so glad that the end result for both you & your husband was good news, road to recovery, & two beautiful girls to love & care for! I haven't seen you since I ran into you at the gym & I think that was shortly after your 1st baby.

Who were your Emory docs? Who's your IM? Some of them may be some of Mark's past colleagues. Glad that you were well taken care of there.

God Speed to you & yours!!

-Julie Senger