Sunday, September 28, 2008

Good Fortune

Tonight Mike and I took Carol to our fave Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood. (Sorry KK we missed you). We both got perfect fortunes in our cookies. I'm somewhat a believer in the chinese cookie fortunes just because I still have the one fortune I got right after I found out I was prego with Lindsay!

Mike's fortune tonight said "You're troubles are over and good fortune will now smile upon you".
Chris' fortune said "All your hard work spent now will result in success for you".

How perfect!

When I was pregnant with Lindsay but didn't know it yet I got a fortune that said my biggest dream was on it's way to me (basically Lindsay) and Mike got one basically saying to not harass his wife for sometime in the near future...Can't remember the exact wording but we had a good laugh over it.

Sorry Robin, I was a putz the last two days and didn't take a single picture of Brooke (is that second child syndrome??) I better get on it huh? We did spend all day with her today. Took her to church and brunch at her grandparents. Had her dressed up cute as a button today too and no pics....bad mommy! I promise to get some new stuff soon.

Lindsay had a blast this weekend at her Aunt Patti's. We've talked to her on the phone and she sounded so happy. I'm sure my sis and bro in law have had their ears talked off by now. Can't wait to see her again one day this week. She told my sis this weekend "I'm going home when Mommy is all better and that will be VERY SOON". I tell you that kid doesn't miss a trick!

I have my doc appt tomorrow to follow up about the gall stones. I'll update about that but for now no more pain! We'll see how I do tonight after Chinese food. You know I had Sesame chicken Karen! So far, so good! I figure it won't flare up til January 1, 2009 just so I'll have to cough up a new 250.00 deductible! HA! No more sickness next year! Please!!!


Anonymous said...

i love reading fortune cookies! mine never seem to pan out though. maybe i just have bad luck! :0(

anyway, i'll let you slide THIS TIME on not taking any pictures of brooke... ha, ha. i mean, i guess you have had a lot going on lately...

Kimmie Kay said...

Those fortunes were great, wow! Glad you had a nice weekend with the kids and that we got to chat last night. Be sure to write an update after your doc appt. today and kiss those girls for me...I miss you all!

MBKimmy said...

I love furtune cookis too - we had a great one about being in the house of our dreams 2 days before we put the bid in on this one!!!
I will continue to pray for you!