Friday, September 19, 2008

Flashback to July 15, 2008

Homecoming Day for Brooke-I had these set up to put on the blog and never got to do it. I felt the need to finish off the cycle of Brooke's hosptial days and her homecoming day so here it is... Aunt Patti got Brooke dressed and ready so we could take photos
Daddy tried to get some good shots in the homecoming outfit
Thanks Missy for finding this outfit and sweet booties for her
This is one of my fave shots of me and Brooke
I was amazed at how tiny she looked in the car seat!
Check out that pose...she still is so funny with her poses
YAY Aunt Patti is helping us get discharged and home!
Momma and baby girl heading out finally!
We checked in on Donna at work on the way out the door

Proud new parents...again!

We stopped at the daycare on the way home and let everyone come check Brooke out in the car.
They were awesome to put up a sign announcing Lindsay was a big sis even though she wasn't still attending school at the time! They've been phenominal to us throughout everything too.
I wanted to take this photo but Brooke wasn't in the mood...


Anonymous said...

hey. love these pics! i called your cell phone your voicemail. call me this weekend when you get a chance! (i'm sorry i waited THIS long to call...but, i'm so worried that i'll call when you're asleep or's the same way with kim...i always want to call her, but i'm so scared i'll wake her up or catch her at just the WRONG time!)

anyway...just call me back whenever. the only thing we for sure have going on this weekend is my nephew's baseball game saturday at 1:30pm.

Andrea said...

Enjoyed seeing the pics even if they are from a two short months ago! I also really like the poem from the previous post. You are truly a walking miracle!

Kimmie Kay said...

Love these pics and remember Brooke that small vividly and sleeping in my chest in your recliner...I miss you guys!

MBKimmy said...

Those pictures are great! So glad you posted them for us!