Sunday, September 21, 2008

Emotional Day Today

Mike and I decided to attend Mass together today. We go to St. Peter Chanel in Roswell and our new sanctuary just opened 8/15 while I was in ICU. The photo of the four of us on Brooke's Birth Announcement was at the altar in our old sanctuary where I mentioned in a previous post that we thought it might be our last time there and I had to have a photo of us in that spot. Ha! Little did I know, right? It's so weird to go back and read that now since it was just a week before our lives really got interesting. I still can't imagine how Mike got through my aneurysm drama or what I would have done if the roles had been reversed.

Anyway, our priest came to see me at Emory several times and I remembered to ask him how the new church opening went the week after it happened. I also was bummed out because we had missed Brooke's Baptism date which was supposed to be 8/17. She would have most likely been the first baby Baptized in the new church. We now have it rescheduled for the 11th of next month...her three month birthday. Good Lord willing (or my mother-in-law willing) we'll squeeze her into the family Baptism gown on that day!!

At any rate, I'm all over the place here. Mike and I had an emotional experience at church today. I lost it right before the sign of peace and all the people I shook hands with were wondering why I was crying at this point in the Mass. The choir sang Amazing Grace during communion and that didn't help things at all for me. The new sanctuary was so overwhelming and beautiful Mike and I both cried as we walked around and looked after most everyone else left. One of the deacons that we haven't seen in a while came up to us and prayed over us and even he was having trouble staying composed. I just felt so happy to finally see the church and to be there and Thank Heaven I made it. I have been looking forward to getting back there since ICU when Father and I talked about it. So all in all I was an emotional mess. Once Mike lost it a little bit I was even worse. I'm so glad we went with no babies today since the girls are both with family we made it a time for us as a couple and then went and had lunch afterword.
I even got Mike to agree to a vow renewal in four years (when we hit our 10 year wedding anniversary) he was so moved! (By the way Mike, I have it on tape!)
Neither of us can imagine how awesome Brooke's Baptism is going to be in three weeks~
It was an emotional day but I needed it and I think WE needed it together!


Anonymous said...

it's good to cry...because that means maybe you're on way to recovering EMOTIONALLY from all that you guys have been through. when something physically happens to you, it also has a HUGE effect on your emotions...i'm sure there will be many more tears to come...but, not bad tears...happy tears...recovery tears!!! :0)

love you! call me!

Anonymous said...

I was sharing the awesome update about all of you guys in Sunday School this morning and I specifically shared that you were so looking forward to going to the new church. Little did I know! I'm glad you went. Baby steps....
Vow renewal would be so nice...I don't think Matt would agree b/c he'd say I would turn it into another wedding again. Ha..maybe especially if a pretty dress is involved :)

Andrea said...

I guess going to church is part of your normal routine and going back changed would be very emotional.

Sweet Release!

Andrea said...

Oh and is Fr. Fennessey still there?

Melanie said...

How Great is our GOD??? He is an Awesome God that is certain. He has worked wonders in your family in the last few months and you have a lot to be grateful for so I can only imagine what going back to church the first time would be like, especially the added sweetness of a new sanctuary.

Thanks for the announcement. A beautiful family you have!!!

Me. said...

Now I'M crying. :) Even though God is good and you have everything to be grateful are still going to go through a grieving process. I am so happy you and Mike have each other and you can go through this together.

Anonymous said...

beautiful story, chris! all my love and prayers to you always. and i am going to respond to your email today after work. take care, sweetie!

The Smith Family said...

I should not have read your post while at work because you brought tears to my eyes. I'm glad you and Mike were able to share the amazing experience together and get some alone couple time.

You and Mike are amazing. The courage, strength, love and compasion you each hold - not a lot of people are that blessed.

Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

What a day! It must have been hard to go through but it sounds like it was just what you and Mike needed. Emotional release! Keep up the good work and know that Steve and I are praying for you guys daily.