Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thank You's are in order!

Thank you Tara (Evan's Life) for the yummy cookie bouquet. Here is a pic for you to see how awesome it looked! It's delicious!
Thank you to MBKIMMY for the ducky flower arrangement.
We had a REALLY long day today of doc appts for Brooke and Mike. What was supposed to be a two hour outing turned into a seven hour one. Coming home to the flowers was an awesome treat! We love prezzies!


Tara said...

yay! glad everything looked good. I swear I am going to sit down and catch up on these blogs this weekend and maybe update mine.

BTW... email me that pic. Thx, love ya!

Anonymous said...

Love the blog explosion!! wow! great great pictures, Chris. I love the pic of her with her hand to her face saying, hmmmmm, what should they name me? that is classic!

i love all that pretty hair she has and you look beautiful!!

MBKimmy said...

Yeah - so glad your neighbor got them for you - I didn't want to send them to the hospital - when I had Tatum my room smelled of so many flowers it made me sick ... hahah So I thought I would send them to you at home!
Love the cookie arrangement ... that is awesome!

Andrea said...

How cool! Great presents girls! Tara-you must tell me where you ordered that cookie arrangement-that is very unique.

Seven hrs at the dr?!?! Not cool-but it will make an interesting post, right?