Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Auntie Kim You're the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7/11/08 Brooke Marie with her Aunt Kimmie!

We're home!
Mike, Lindsay, Brooke & I just wanted to say a BIG thanks to Aunt Kim who came up this weekend to help take care of us and be here for Brooke's Birthday!
Kim, we can't tell you how much we appreciate everything you did at the house while we were in the hospital. It was so nice to come home and feel settled in a clean house! I'm SO glad we got to see you and you got to see Brooke right away! Thank you so much for guest blogging and keeping all of our other friends and family in the loop! You're the best!
Thanks for bringing food to us at the hospital and for transporting gifts and flowers home...I'm telling you it made discharge today so NICE!
We all love you so much! We can't wait for you to come back with the girls in August and for you to have more Lindsay time next time too!
(Thanks for putting up with the mama drama and my hormones too)...This is why we've been friends FOREVER!
Everything you did was so awesome and we LOVE the blog posts you did for us. Brooke and Lindsay miss you already!!!
Thank you to all my fellow bloggers out there! We've enjoyed reading all your emails and comments. Get ready, it's going to be a BLOG EXPLOSION soon. As soon as I'm feeling more up to sitting in front of the computer we'll start chronicling Brooke's birth!
Goodnight for now from the Bresnan's! We're VERY happy!


Anonymous said...

Hi from the mountains! That's a great picture of Kim and Brooke on this entry! So sweet! I can't believe you're already blogging! You looked great in the pics of all of posted post shower....ahhh..the joys of just plain water!!! Kiss all your babes for me.


Angie said...

Hopping over from Misti's blog. I just wanted to congratulate you on your new little girl. She is so precious!

Anonymous said...

sending much love your way from CuppaJoe! so happy for you and your family, Chris. Brooke is just beautiful. and you are so blessed to have the awesome friendship with Kimmie. she's a sweetheart!

I love blog explosions! bring it on, girl! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl..
I wanted to give you a few days at home before I call. She is beautiful!! Can't wait to see all of you soon!
Love ya,

The Gordon Family said...

Brooke is beautiful, congratulations!

Kimmie Kay said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Bresnan's. All I can say is that's what family is for and I loved being able to be there. I'm thrilled I got so much Brooke time too and enjoyed seeing everyone there again. Can't wait to come back in a month with the girls! Brooke is such a doll baby and Lindsay is such an adorable "big girl" now...you all are blessed. Congrats again!!! XOXOXO

Andrea said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful baby girl! LOVE her name, Love the cute bow hat, and her adorable snoopy outfit. So sorry I haven't commented sooner-I've been out of town but I came here as soon as I could when we got back this evening! Can't wait to hear/see more!