Friday, June 20, 2008


Lindsay turned 2 today! We started our day with a play date at Monkey Joe's!
MJ's wasn't open yet so Aunt Missy & Graison wanted Linds to open her bday present in the parking lot while we waited! Graison enjoyed helping Lindsay unwrap!

Kiri and her sisters also joined us at Monkey Joe's.
Here is Zoe! Graison, Riley and Zoe all heading up to the big slide! I could not believe these girls were sliding down this big of a slide. Of course Lindsay would have nothing to do with it!
Lindsay fed Kiri some oatmeal. She's going to be a GREAT big sister!
I wanted a picture of all the girls in front of the giant Monkey Joe but Lindsay also had no intentions of getting anywhere near the "big monkey". If you look closely Hadley is posing by his feet!

Graison and Hadley playing on the big kid slides!
Linds & Kiri enjoying some floor play. Lindsay was much more interested in the baby today than in jumping. Maybe she was using this time to decide whether or not a baby sister is going to be a good thing or not!
I love this pic.
Lunch time! Yogos and Pizza...what a birthday!
Linds passed out in the back seat on the way home.
I thought that was kind of a neat shot.

This afternoon Aunt KK came over and sat with Linds while she napped. Mommy ran to the paint store, Home Depot and Macy's with daddy in tow. He hung in pretty well today too. We got the paint for tomorrow and checked out the mattress sale at Macy's for Lindsay's new bed.
After a three hour whirlwind shopping trip we made it home just in time to turn off the crock pot, serve birthday dinner and celebrate with Grandma & Grandpa. Lindsay went home with them tonight so she won't be involved in the painting and prepping of the nursery. We'll be hanging baby clothes etc. tomorrow. I'm very excited. I'll have a new blog post up soon with paint on the walls.

I have pics from dinner too. Stay tuned! All in all Lindsay had a great birthday today. We still have the big family celebration in Ellijay coming up this weekend too!

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YEAH! I am glad she had fun!!