Saturday, March 1, 2008

First Pigtails!

We tried out "pigtails" today. Lindsay really liked them too.
Hanging out in the booster seat...on the floor...again.
We are now officially into shoes like the BIG GIRLS!
Look how smart she is to stand up and hold on to the bed post.
I just LOVE this picture! She's SO proud of herself!
Riding horsey!

Our new potty chair. Lindsay has been calling it "my potty" all day. This one is pretty cool since the top fits on the big potty and the green bottom half flips over and doubles as a step stool. We actually got her to sit on it on the big potty today (fully dressed) but it's a start!
We can play with the potty for a while and get used to it.
Well, I know what this LOOKS like but it's not...LOL. She's looking for the balls she placed in the bottom. However, it will be fun to show her this picture when she's 21 and tell her she tied one on this afternoon!
Yay! Anything to please mommy and avoid nap time!
Aunt KK bought this new tub toy for Lindsay. She was singing "twinkle twinkle little star" and playing along at the same time. I know she's mine and I'm biased but I really think she's going to be a musical genious!

These last two pics were taken by KK on the Easter aisle at Wally World. Lindsay decided she wanted to play with the m&m's guys on the floor.
Here she is standing them all up. Of course we had to buy a couple for the ol' Easter basket while we were there...

We've had a crazy no sleep week ya'll. Lindsay came home from Grandma & Grandpa's house last Sunday and decided to pull an ALL NIGHTER. She continued every night this week to wake between 2-4 or 3-5. Needless to say mommy and daddy were pretty much wrecked by the end of the week. We finally talked to the pediatrician who confirmed to us what many other parents have been telling us...let her CRY it out. So Thursday night we were prepared to do just that and she slept like an angel! WHEW! However, last night she was up at 1:45 and cried for a full hour before she gave up on us and went back to sleep. It was SO hard to let her cry for that long. Not to mention it's not just crying at this age. She calls us! "Mommy, DADDY, hold you..." it's heartwrenching!! However, we did make it through and she went down tonight with minimal fuss. For whatever reason these days "night night" is just the worst thing ever. You'd think we were leading her off to slaughter during the whole bedtime routine. I will be VERY happy to end this phase whatever it is. I know we probably have a few more nights of the cry it out syndrome but hopefully she'll begin to realize she's not going to party in the living room with daddy anymore at 3am and she'll figure out a way to soothe herself back to sleep.
So there you have it bloggers, this is why I was MIA this last week. Mike and I are finally on the last leg of this flu bug and we've really been struggling with the sleep issue. I'm hoping this week will be much better. No one informed me that I was giving up sleep for Lent. HELLO?!

In baby news we have our next ultrasound this Tuesday and I can't wait. I'm starting to feel a little more movement each day now. No big kicks yet of course but lots of flutters. This pregnancy has been VERY different than my last. However the two constants have been PIZZA and Chinese food! Ha!ha! Oh well, I know I'll be limiting all that come the third trimester as it will be hot and my ankles will be HUGE again. I know I will have to start really watching the sodium soon but for now I'm enjoying it.
We still have not picked out a name. We're not even down to a few we're considering seriously. Hopefully that will come soon. We had Lindsay firmed up by March and she was born in June so we're not doing that bad I suppose. I really have a fear of still trying to decide a name while we're in the hospital. I feel like that would be too much pressure. I'm sure something will finally come to mind soon. I'm still taking suggestions...

Have a great weekend everyone. :)


Anonymous said...

I am still campaigning really hard for Katie Marie as the new baby's name. and you know i won't go down without a fight so you tell Mike that!! shizamm!! :)

Love the pigtails!! and those pics at Wall World are awesome!

Have a great Sunday, Chris! oh, and i craved chinese food like crazy when i was pregs with Joe. I swear i thought he would come out lookin' like a dadgum eggroll, g-money!!

Kimmie Kay said...

The pig tails are absolutely me! You have to try the Shelly method and do the "pebbles" pony next!

Whatever you do, kep letting her cry it out at night and DO NOT go in, you're on the right track. I know it's hard but it's for her own good and you and Mike need sleep too...she's working you both, I promise, LOL!

MBKimmy said...

Love the pictures - the one to show her when she is 21 is PRICELESS! Love it! I have been putting Tatum on the potty already - haha wishfull thinking here! Good luck with the sleep stuff! I know that sucks!

Anonymous said...

Lindsay looks like such a big girl with the pig tails. I see you added the real potty pics this time. Have a great week!

Katy S. said...

We have been fighting the same fight. I work mostly at night so when I get home, get in the bed and almost asleep, there he goes. Neither one of us have the energy to get him back down so sometimes we end up with him in the bed. Most of it this past week was a bit of the tummy trouble on top of a good round of teething.

Anonymous said...

I love the pigails. I love the potty pictures too. Evan just takes his "look at" potty apart and leaves the pieces around the house.


Bethany said...

Oh, I love suggesting girl names. How about Shelby or Abbi or Lanie...something that ends with the "ee" sound to go with Linsday. You could name her Alaina and call her Lanie. If Zach had been a girl, we would have named him Elizabeth (Lizzy), Catherine (Catie) or Claire...I know Claire is not like any of the others, but I liked it. I always try to pick names that will be cute as a kid (Catie or Lizzy) but respectable when they are working in this competitive world we call a career.

Heather said...

She looks good in pig tails. We've been doing that to Laney the last couple of weeks too!

I have to agree on the crying it out - it's worth it. We've been doing it for a while with Elena. And she has learned to soothe herself down most of the time.

Andrea said...

Echoing everyone else here...keep letting her cry it out. Hopefully she will have it figured out in a few days. If not, is it time to drop a nap? That is only if she is still taking two.

We officially started potty training David this weekend. He's made progress but sometimes I feel like its two steps forward three steps back : (