Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Sunday 2008

Have Easter Bunny....ready to go to Church!
We tried to get some good pics at church but lil miss wasn't in the photo mood (like for the last week). Found out on Monday she had an ear infection so I guess that is why.
The Fam
Still not smiling...
Grandma & Grandpa give it a go.
Since we had to get up and out early for Mass we decided to let Lindsay open her Easter Basket at Grandma and Grandpa's house. She really liked all her stuff. Mostly small toys but also some of her fave candy. She's very into smarties, mini m&m's, peeps and choc. bunnies this year.
The best gift she got this year was her ears. She just loves them as you all have seen over the last few blog posts!
She got away from mom as we were trying to change clothes. I won't even say what this pic looks like but I thought it was funny.
Her Bunny Romper was a big hit. Again, she LOVED wearing the hood and having EARS!
Along with all of the Easter festivities we celebrated Derek & Adam's birthdays. We usually do this every Easter as Derek's falls on 3/30 and Adam 4/11. The boys loved their cakes and of course all the bday presents and attention!
Derek displays his newest toy from Aunt Agatha and Uncle Paul!
Typical Adam! I tell you this kid never takes a bad picture!

We had a very long but fun day on Easter. That weekend was actually very full of fun! It seems there's just not enough time on the holiday's to get it all done!

UPDATE from the week: Lindsay saw the ENT again and the left tube APPEARS to be unblocked now. PRAISE THE LORD the 50.00 a pop teeny tiny tube of ear drops (that we've refilled twice) appears to be working. HOWEVER, now the right ear looks a little "moist". So, we're now doing the drops on the right side for five days and then going back in two weeks to follow up once again. How is it that every other kid gets tubes and sees the ENT again only after they fall out? So over the 25$ copay every visit to sit for OVER an hour in a closet of an exam room to see the hurried doctor for five seconds. GRRRR....but I digress. At least we seem to be doing better now and Lindsay's mood is MUCH improved. Mike and I were just saying it feels like we have our kid back. So that is worth it!

We have an ultrasound this Tuesday so be on the lookout for some new bambino photos.
We still have not settled on a name. We're kicking around Katie (Kathryn), Laura, Sarah and oh fifty million or so others that we don't "FEEL" are right. I can't believe another girl name is so hard for us.

This weekend has been quiet. Lindsay is at camp Grandparents since yesterday so I could get some cleaning and organizing done. I also took a four hour nap yesterday (that should tell you how much cleaning and organizing got done) but I feel so much better today. I really needed the catch up on sleep after this last week anyway. So I'm trying not to stress over it.
I could seriously do a work vent here but suffice to say that I'm extremely happy I have a three month vacation coming up. I seriously have felt like walking out for good lately. Some things are going to change in that part of my world once this baby gets here. It's time to be closer to home! I'm stuck right now but that won't be the case for long. I'm tired of catering to other people and their feelings. IT'S WORK PEOPLE!!! The time to take care of me is right around the corner and I'm going to do it...FINALLY!


Anonymous said...

Yea! I am glad to hear that the name Katie is still in the running!! haha!!! i say Katie all the way! yea!

anyways, glad u takin' care of you, girl. good for you. :)

love all your pictures from Easter! You got some good shots and it looks like it was a fun day! loved your BIL's photos too.

Have a super Sunday!!

Andrea said...

If I didn't say it before, I love Lindsay's Easter outfits! Sooo sorry she got another ear infection but I'm glad it seems to be cleared up now.

Can't wait to hear the final name selection!