Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some photos of the newest Bresnan to be...

Here are the last three most recent ultrasound pictures. We have them as far back as 51/2 weeks but there really isn't much to see that early. We had a lot of growth from last week to this week. Baby appeared MUCH bigger to us on the screen and is starting to look like a baby! 12/5/07 7weeks 3days
12/12/07 8weeks 2days (head is at bottom baby is doing a headstand)
12/19/07 9weeks 2days (head at top, starting to see arm and leg buds)

It's been a rough week here blogger buds. The nausea and vomiting has definitely been hindering things. We're in the Christmas crunch now and thankfully Aunt KK has volunteered to babysit tomorrow night so Mike and I can finish up our shopping. Then we just have to find some time to wrap it all! I'm sorry I've been neglectful of the blog but the computer also makes me kinda yuk if I stare at it too long! I haven't been keeping up well the last two weeks but I'm hoping to do better very soon!
I hope to get a few fun pictures up this weekend. We've been doing quite a bit of fun stuff despite being under the weather and I have some cute pics to post. Maybe between wrapping and such this weekend I can throw a few up!
Friday is Mike's bday and I have the day off! WOOHOO! Lindsay gets her 18 month shots that morning and then we're going to do something fun with the birthday boy that day. That's the plan anyway!
Hope everyone else is enjoying the season and getting things done as stress free as possible!
More later!
P.S. Click HERE to see pics of Lindsay with her cousins over at my BIL's blog! Thanks for posting those Dave! We loved all your latest posts!


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Pics of the newest Bresnan. I can not wait to follow his/her growth and entrance into the world. How exciting! My Christmas wish for you is.....NO MORE morning sicknes. Happy Holidays!!!

Caron said...

Yea!!!! I love looking at US pics! I agree with Angela... it will be fun to have a new baby to track now that Jamie has been born. Well, actually we'll get to track two... yours and Andreas!!

Oh, and did you realize that you said you would 'throw up' a few fun pics of the past week? I thought it was a great choice of words given your current preggo nauseous state... LOL! Sorry... gotta try to make light of how yucky you are feeling. I've been there, girl!! I totally sympathize!!!

Chris said...

yuck, yuck, laugh it up! LOL! Yes, I actually did reread that and decided to leave it because yes, it fits.
Tee,hee....yes it will be fun to track Andrea and I and who knows who else is going to pop up?
I asked about zofran today but he is very conservative and basically told me I would have to be near the hospital stage or worse before he would prescribe it. I basically got the really sick means healthy baby lecture and nicely told to suck it up for another few weeks. Oh well, it's me and the phenegran for a few more weeks I guess...

Anonymous said...

well, we can all rest assured that it won't be me popping up wit a bun in da oven! hehe. :) but i agree- i enjoy keeping track of other's pregnancies as long as it ain't mine. :)

so sorry about you being sick, girl. I have been wondering how you've been. it should go away soon, i hope.

Happy birthday to your husband! Hope he has the best birthday. Enjoy your day off tomorrow.

Love the ultrasound pics. and the pics of lindsay over at your BIL's site are adorable!! Her cousins look like they just adore her!

Anonymous said...

Love the newest addition pics! Is it too soon to say she/he is too cute?!?!?!

I hope that you feel better soon Chris!

Oh and p.s don't wish away for those Santa pics that I have....cause deep down I am jealous of you guys for those infant years with Santa with Morgan screaming her head off!

Chris said...

awww, thanks ladies! So nice of all of you to send me get well wishes. I keep trying to tell myself to cheer's GOOD to be sick. However, now I have a head cold that is throwing a monkey wrench into it all. As long as the baby is fine though, that's all that matters!

Yes, Katie, Derek and Adam adore they're baby cousin! They're at such a great age to appreciate her and remember these times. Adam is old enough now that he'll probably remember seeing this next one in the hospital.

Kimmie Kay said...

I love the u/s pix too! Hope you feel better soon...