Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I was TAGGED so here it goes...I'm supposed to blog 7 things I'm Thankful for this season. I'm guessing from the few I've read we're supposed to give 7 random things other than the obvious traditional ones. So you all know how thankful I am for my beautiful daughter, my loving husband and our supportive here is the fun stuff...

1.) I'm thankful that I'm getting to work at NS Forsyth again a few days so I don't have to look at 285 or 75 as many times this week! The drive is so much more relaxing to go there.

2.) I'm thankful that my husband (dear that he is) gets in the bed while I'm brushing my teeth and warms up my spot for me. Seriously! How awesome is that! I'm telling ya'll I have the greatest guy! (And yes, I know I'm spoiled!!)

3.) I'm thankful for NETFLIX because if there wasn't such a thing I would NEVER see movies anymore! I also would owe a zillion $$ in late fee's to Blockbuster so again, very thankful for my NETFLIX!

4.) I'm thankful for my blogger buddies. We have a great blog community and I so look forward to my evening down time to catch up with everyone!

5.) I'm thankful for m&m mini's because they are Lindsay's fave candy and I can pull those out at any given moment and have her undivided attention!

6.) I am stealing this one from Kim but I am thankful for my "rag mag" People and enjoy my chill out time each week reading my magazine from cover to cover. Usually these days I take it to work and read it on my lunch as there is never any time for that at home.

7.) I am thankful that I have KICK A$$ seats to the BON JOVI concert next year! WOOHOO!!!I'm even more thankful that I know I don't have to drive myself there! (Thanks Mike!)

Happy Hump Day everyone. We've had an interesting week around here. I'm going in a million directions and don't seem to have much blog time but I'll try to stay up to date. We're looking forward to another low key weekend. We may venture down to the baby and kid expo on Saturday or try and find a Santa to torture Lindsay with. Not much on the schedule.

Bye for now!


Andrea said...

Wow, your husband sounds awesome-Lindsay will really appreicate his thoughtfulness during her teenage years-I can see it now..."thanks for filling my car up with gas Dad"

I'd never watch TV if it weren't for our DVR!

A lunch hour to myself with a magazine-that sounds fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Paulie ain't nevah warmed my spot up in bed before! okay, that doesn't sound right, but you know what a mean! hehe. :) to quote a lil' Salt-n-Pepa about your husband- ""Whatta Man Whatta Man, Whatta mighty good man!" ha! :)

Love the "find a santa to torture Lindsay" comment. that made me laugh my coffee out my nose, girl! :) Thanks for playing the gratitiude game! :)

MBKimmy said...

I like number 7 best!
haha that is a great one to be thankful for!

Chris said...

Ha!ha! You're right Andrea I'm sure she'll be playin' that card. I already do!! LOL!

Katie- sorry I wasted your hard earned coffee through your nose! LOL! Glad I made you laugh.

Mbkimmy..yes, I agree!!!

Kimmie Kay said...

Good list, Mike is the best and you are so spoiled, LOL!