Monday, October 8, 2007

We're Home!

Hi everyone! We got home early this evening and we had such a nice get away. Little "miss" is off her schedule big time and just finally went to bed. I am heading that way myself as my 5 a.m. alarm is NOT going to be kind.

Here are a few scenic pics I thought I would post til I have time to properly document our trip. These pics are from our drive up to a nearby ranch. It was beautiful up there and we fully intend to go back when there is snow!

Cattaloochee Ranch
Some sprinkling of Fall color

Lindsay just arrived in Maggie Valley. She's SO happy to be out of the car!

Come on, you knew I had to put ONE picture of Lindsay here. Thank goodness for me it's a four day week. Time to get back in the swing of all things work, diet and otherwise. UGH.



Anonymous said...

That first picture is amazing! It looks like a portrait-great shot!

glad you had a good time. have a good short week and i'll look for more pictures soon!

Anonymous said...

oh, and the Happy Fall pic in the upper right hand corner is awesome!

Chris said...

Thanks Katie..I had to explain the "off to see the Wizard" comment to Mike. He didn't get it at first...I'm like Hello...Dorothy/Scarecrow/Wizard of OZ??? Oh well.

Melanie said...

Those are great pictures. It is beuatiful there. Love the swimg pic with Miss Linds!

Kimmie Kay said...

Gorgeous! We want to go too when you go back to see snow. :)