Saturday, October 6, 2007

We're here in Maggie Valley, NC

Just wanted to say that this place rocks. Wireless and free use of computer too! I wanted to hop on and do a Birthday shout out to my co-worker and friend Christi...HAPPY BIG 30! Hope you're having a great day!

Lindsay is back to her old self. The ear doesn't seem to be bothering her much and she slept great last night. We're off to go sight see. The drive up here was GORGEOUS. Too soon for real fall color but we did see the beginnings of some pretty reds, yellows & browns!

I'll have great pics for you guys next week!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for the b'day wish! I got to see my dad off this morning. I then the little guy to a pumpkin patch and petting zoo..he had a blast. The rest of my b'day sucked. Matt is giving me the silent treatment actually. Glad he's going to Vegas tomorrow! C