Thursday, October 4, 2007

More Fall Pics (From Graison's Mommy)

More pics from Ellijay apple picking. The apple sippy cup was a big hit! It still is at home too.
Graison & Lindsay chug a lug some apple cider! Let me tell you that was a treat. Mommy doesn't usually give juice and when we do it's VERY watered down. This stuff was straight and they LOVED it.
LOVE this pic of G hugging the pumpkin! It was HUGE!
Photo credits to my dear friend Missy! Thanks girlfriend. Sorry it took me a while to post them. Looking foward to the pumpkin patch in a few weeks!!


Heather said...

Very cute pictures, both this one and the previous post. I hope Lindsey and you are both feeling better.

BTW - if you're serious about the trailer, check Wal-Mart & Target. They're still being clearanced and way cheaper than sporting goods stores.

Kimmie Kay said...

LOVE the "chug a lug" photo! Cute!
I want a copy of Graison hugging the pumpkin Missy...great shot! :)

Chris said...

Thanks for the tip Heather. We'll check into that.

Kim I can email you that pic from work...just remind me.
You can also steal it off the blog I think.