Monday, October 1, 2007

It's OCTOBER! Happy Pumpkin Month!

Conjoined Twin Pumpkins!
Check out this site

I'm so excited it's October 1st! I love Fall and pumpkin EVERYTHING! (especially pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin get the picture)
Anyhoo, the above site is where I snagged my Conjoined Twin Pumpkins. We carve one or two up each year for our neighborhood weenie roast Halloween weekend. I'm looking for new ideas. This site has some pretty funny stuff on it but's NOT cutsie pumpkins. It's meant to be scary, weird and freaky...Like HALLOWEEN. I personally liked Puking Pumpkin and Gun Shot Pumpkin but I didn't wanted to gross anyone out too much first thing in the morning. Ha!ha!
Hope everyone has a great's a short week for me. I'm off on Friday!! WOOHOO!


Andrea said...

I am SOOO with you on this one. October is my favorite month and I am a lover of all things of my favorites this time of year is a pumpkin spice latte.

MBKimmy said...

I love October ... love the change in weather love the colors ...
going to check out the pumpkins now!

Anonymous said...

i will love this month more when it's not 85 degrees, ya know? the hot weather kinda ruins it for me. i want real Fall weather, man!!

I'm with andrea- love the pumpkin spice latte!!

that pumpkin website is awesome.

Melanie said...

I love FALL! I love all the fall festivals and the fair comes to town and it is just the best! LOVE IT!!!

Thanks for the website. Maybe it will give me some ideas. We have a pumpkin decorating contest at work every year as a team building event.

Chris said...

Good Luck Melanie on your company pumpkin contest. Yes, Pumpkin spice lattes are good. Eienstein's has a pumpkin bagel this time of year too AND Pumpkin Cream cheese. YUM!

Kimmie Kay said...

Love the pumpkin pics and the girls did too Auntie Chris. :) Have a great trip too!