Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Pictures from Grandpa's Birthday Dinner 9/2/07

Lindsay's newest toy at Grandma & Granpa's house. You don't think Derek and Adam dote on her do you? Adam was starting to give Lindsay a kiss here. Boy, do her cousins spoil her!
This chair was Mike's and his siblings when they were little. I used to think it was so cool that we had pics of Derek and Adam sitting in it. Now I have pics of Lindsay. She loves this little chair too. It's just her size.
She did not take long figuring out how to get on and off by herself.
Lindsay plays her first "board game"
Helping Adam set up. The boys were SO patient with her during this time!
Happy Birthday to you! Grandpa with all of his grandchildren!

Lindsay goes for a taste of icing!
Totem pole (with a pout)
Adam with his "castle". Thank goodness Lindsay hasn't discovered the thrill of demolition yet. She pretty much left him alone.
Geez, does my kid need a bang trim or what?
Lindsay decided to make several trips from the above box of blocks to her grandpa who was across the room sitting at the table. Here she is on the move doing her "boot scoot".

Here you go....
After several minutes of watching her take one block at a time over to grandpa we decided to count the blocks. Here they are with the loot. There were over 30 blocks!!! She brought them over one at a time! She was so hot and sweaty. It was a riot!
Still offering up blocks to grandpa. You have to wonder what was going through her mind to make her go back and forth over thirty times!
After a bath (we had to give her one after the block game) she tried out her "rocky horse" some more. She has figured out how to get on and off of it herself. It's a riot to watch her try to throw her leg over and get on!
Mommy's girl! I love this pic.


Katy S. said...

Looks like you all had a super fun time!!Yummy cake!

Andrea said...

That "rocky horse" looks fun-is that the one you got at kidsignments? If so, a great find indeed.

Heather said...

What fun. Cute pictures of Lindsey. It is great how much her cousins like her.

MBKimmy said...

Happy Birthday to Gramps ... love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

That is great photos of Lindsey in the chair. Do you have any of your husband in the chair? Great traditions.

Tara said...

Those are great pictures on the rocking horse. Evan's hair is long in the front too but I don't want to cut it because he is still missing a little in the back.

Chris said...

Andrea- no grandma found that rocking horse for 2$ TOTAL BARGAIN. I got a more traditional furry one for 15$. It's put away for Christmas.

Angela- I wish! All Mike's baby pics are on slides. I have to figure out how to get some converted.

Anonymous said...