Thursday, September 20, 2007

15 Months Today-

This is one of my fave photos of Lindsay & Daddy. I thought I would put it up in comparison with a photo from this past Sunday's trip to Amicalola.
Look how big she is now! She LOVED the back pack carrier. I have tons of pics from the falls to post but I'm too tired to do it tonight. I am still not 100% , Daddy was not home tonight and Lindsay's regular routine on top of my first day back to work has worn me out! I'm off to the couch for some mindless reality tv. SURVIVOR IS BACK PEOPLE!!
Hope everyone has a great Friday! I promise to get some more photos up before the weekend because we have a BUSY one coming up.
P.S. Mike said Lindsay had her first NO TEARS drop off at the new daycare today! It's her third week and she's really adjusted well! I'm so proud of her!!


Heather said...

Yeah for no tears. Which brand pack is that - Rob and I are shopping.

Chris said...

It's a Kelty Kids. We got it from Mike's Sister for free. We love it. We saw someone at the park with the same one and they got it on EBAY for 10.00 so shop around!
It's Kelty Kids and it says "TREK" on it. The person we saw had "ELITE" on theirs but it looked exactly the same.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Lindsay for not crying!! Love the photo by the falls it is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

great shots of daddy and lindsay! i love comparison pictures! they're some of my faves. it's always fun to look back. :)

MBKimmy said...

great comparisons love it!

Kimmie Kay said...

Love the comparison shots, cool!