Monday, July 16, 2007

One Year Ago Today...

...Lindsay was Baptized! Since we were not bloggers yet, I thought I would post some photos.

Here we are with the Priest who married us and also did Lindsay's Baptism.

This is one of my fave pics from the day. Lindsay is wearing the same dress that her daddy, his sister & brother and mom wore for their baptisms.

Lindsay's outer dress was made by Mike's grandmother Cecile (in photograph on Mike's mom's lap). The dress beneath was made by Mike's mom and was worn by Helen, Paul & Mike. The outfit was very beautiful and it was very sentimental for us to have Lindsay wear it. The above photo includes everyone who has worn the dress and the photo of Mike's grandmother.

I can hardly believe it's been a year!


Anonymous said...

very sweet pictures. my brothers and sisters all wore the same baptismal dress made out of my MA's wedding gown. but i was so big as a baby that i didn't get to wear it. the daggum thing would not fit over my large head. years of therapy have started to heal th resentment. hehe. :)

Love all these pictures. reminiscing is fun, ain't it? thanks for sharing these!!

Andrea said...

David wore the same baptismal gown Jason wore-I love it when things are passed down from generation to generation. That is so neat you got a picture of all who have worn it which also includes a picture of the one who made it!

Tara said...

My, my, we are all a bunch of Catholics around here. Those are great pictures.

Chris said...

Tara-you are cracking me up. Katie-I actually had been planning on having Mike's mom make LIndsay a dress from the train of my wedding gown. I LOVE that idea! But, when the time came she pulled out the dress she had and I was like OF COURSE!!!! That was even better. Especially since Lindsay's middle name Cecile is in honor of her mother. It all worked out! It is neat to have stuff like that to pass down. I have no idea where my gown is or what I wore. I have no pics of it. Bummer!