Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Back to Lindsay

Photo from 7/1 Lindsay loves phones. She plays with our cell phones and she has plenty of toy phones. Here she is with the tv remote but to her it's a phone.
Lindsay is just starting to pull up and does not stand on her own yet. However we captured this moment where she stood up off her car and it freely standing on her own here. GO LINDSAY!
This is Lindsay's first of many July 4th outfits. Somehow we have several....go figure?
Here she is on Monday after school. One of the teachers put that pony tail in her hair. I think we're going to have to start trying that as her bangs are constantly in her face otherwise. This "supergirl" outfit was a birthday gift from one of her teachers. She pretty much has a red, white & blue outfit for every day this week!

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Kimmie Kay said...

Yes I can say first hand now (as I saw her unbelievable closet) that this child does not need anymore clothes, LOL! Cute pony...